As world leaders in landscape architecture, planning, and urban design, our purpose and passion spans over 60 years. We see landscape as part of the infrastructure of great cities: as critical as a freeway or electrical grid. When viewed through this lens, systems that can transform our communities emerge. SWA’s rigorous process of engaging with a site on its own terms results in memorable places that have clarity of function, identity, and meaning.

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Landscape architecture at SWA involves the design of landscapes at a variety of scales—from large, multi-functional sites to small, intimate spaces. Innovative research into materials, lifestyles and landscape technologies coupled with a deep understanding of how people use outdoor spaces informs our unique design process. SWA’s landscape architectural work has received worldwide recognition for its innovative excellence.

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SWA provides land planning and master planning. We integrate high-level landscape architecture into our planning work. Our plans make sensitive use of topography, landform, natural resources, vegetation, infrastructure and buildings, resulting in more livable and sustainable projects. This approach can nurture new directions for the master planning of communities, campuses, workplaces, civic and commercial districts, transit-oriented developments, waterfronts, recreation, and natural system restoration. As needed, we pull together teams of consultants ranging from engineers to scientists whose collective experience complements our own. SWA’s award-winning planning work is recognized for creating exceptional places.

Urban Planning
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Urban design at SWA involves the systematic layering of various cultural and natural systems in order to solve design issues of the city. As with planning, we integrate high-level landscape architecture into our urban design work. Whether it’s decaying infrastructure, a prominent urban district, high-density living, a river corridor, heavily used public spaces, or a series of transit stations, urban design requires a sophisticated understanding of integrating nature into dense urban environments. The multi-functional character of urban design is the key to its success. SWA excels in this regard and our success can be measured by the quality of our implemented projects around the world.